Submission Process

When we receive submissions, we read each one as soon as possible. We then evaluate the work with a ranking system based off of the following characteristics:


by definition is : "a new method, idea, product, etc." In this category we will look for odd uses of a word or phrase, new ideas, and innovative techniques. From there, we will rank its innovation in a range of 0-5.



In this category we look for sentences, phrases, stanzas, paragraphs, and more that may appeal to us, and the people who read our magazine. We also look for things that speak to us, and things that separate your work from any other piece of writing. From here, we will rank it in a range of 0-5.




In this category, we look at what the author did in their piece, and how they controlled and used different literary techniques. Some examples of things looked at in this category: Tone, voice, form, etc.


After looking at a piece in depth, the reader/editor will then make comments about the piece.

After the above steps are completed the work is then placed into one of 2 sections. The first section being "Hold for discussion". If a work is placed in this category, the author of the work will be notified that his/her piece is being held. The second section is "Rejected" This means that your piece just wasn't fit for the issue. 

The next step in the process is to discuss what pieces we want in the next issue. In this round, we pull from the "Hold for discussion" folder and re-read the submissions. From there we limit it down to the works we are going to accept for the issue.