April Issue & Website Updates

After a brief hiatus issue three has been published! Below is a collection of information about this issue, along with some changes that have been made for future issues.

Issue three has a total of six pieces, from a variety of contributors, all of which can be found at issue3.apprehensionmag.com. For a list of contributors and previous issues, head here.

With the release of this issue, we added a new enhanced readability feature that will be applied to previous issues in the near future. This feature darkens the background, and enhances misc. components of the page to make it easier to read. This is toggled on and off by clicking the left side of the page.

Following the release of issue three we realized it was time to refresh the website. That being said, the website has a fresh coat of paint, and all pages have been completely redone. On top of this we now have a news and updates newsletter that is available for signup in the footer of the website.