Submission Guidelines

Our response time falls between 3-6 months.

  1. You must be between the ages of 14 to 21 by the time we publish your work.
  2. Submit your writing to the proper email;
    1. Poetry:
    2. Fiction and Nonfiction:
    3. Any other inquiry:
  3. Please submit your writing in a single document (.docx or .txt) attached to the email, and within the body you include your cover letter and your authors biography. 
  4. Make sure there is no identifying information within the word document- we try to read blind, and this helps us greatly.
  5. Follow page/piece limit requirements for your established genre;
    1. Poetry: Up to six poems, single spaced
    2. Fiction: Up to 15 pages, double spaced. If interested in sending a longer piece of work, you may do so, but please be aware our response time will be longer. 
    3. Nonfiction: Up to 12 pages, double spaced. The same length inquiry for fiction applies here. 
  6. We allow simultaneous submissions, but if your work is accepted anywhere else, please email in the same email thread to let the editor know you are pulling a piece. If you are just pulling a single piece in a multi-piece submission, please specify which piece it is. 
  7. We do not accepted previously published work. Websites such as TeenInk, Wattpad, Tumblr, or another blogging site is considered published, and we will not accept it.
  8. If your work is accepted by Apprehension Magazine, we request First North American Serial Rights for your work- which means we are the first location in North America that publishes your work. If you publish the same piece afterwards, please give credit to us as the original publication.