A Sample Cover Letter:

Date:  ##/##/##

Dear ____ Editor(s),


            I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to submit to your magazine. I have greatly enjoyed reading the pieces previously published, and I hope that the __ pieces I am sending you today, “INSERT TITLE”, “INSERT TITLE”, etc, fit the future idea of your publication. Below is a short, third person biography about myself. (Note: The biography does not need to be in third person.)


NAME is an AGE year old writer from HOMETOWN, STATE, (that now lives in CURRENT TOWN, STATE), that attends HIGHSCHOOL in TOWN, STATE. NAME has been previously published in LIST PAST PUBLICATIONS. They also have LIST WRITING AWARDS WON. NAME enjoys doing TWO THINGS in their free time, when they are not writing.


Thank you again for giving me this opportunity; I greatly appreciate it.



*Please note: This is only a sample cover letter. Not all cover letters need to be in this exact form.